Welcome to Current Musings

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I want to welcome you, to not only my first website (not an early adopter…) but also to my current musings page.


What is a current musings page you ask?


Honestly at this point I don’t know, but I suspect it will show me the path that it wants to take. I am a builder by trade, but I don’t think that defines me as a person. Like most of us, I have varied interests beyond what I do for a living. I suspect those interests will find their way onto this page in the future. I also hope, that in time others will feel free to send on to me items of interest … but no pressure! I plan on sharing ideas, thoughts or maybe just an image that has caught my eye. This will be very fluid. For now, I give you a photo taken on Christmas morning to start off the day with and to start off the new year. Thanks for stopping by.

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