About Charlie

With a background in both the arts and construction, I come to each project with a unique perspective  
and set of tools. This allows me to easily understand both the structural and traditional goals that the  
engineer and architect require, along with the ability to understand the intent the designer. I bring  
those ideas to fruition with more sensitivity to the concept than is normally found on a construction  
site. Through years of experience working with me, my employees and subcontractors understand  
this, and produce that level of detail and finish required on each job.
Charlie was a real joy to work with. He and his crew cared about the results.
— Peter McCoy, client
Charlie and his crew bring years of attentive and artistic experience to their work. Their
appreciation and respect for the individualized project aesthetic, strong communication skills,
reliability and timeliness in deliverables provide the clarity and progress that clients and partners
come to love. The team of professionals that Charlie has developed over the years are creative
problem solvers who proactively and eagerly seek best solutions within the clients budget.
This level of engagement ensures a joyful creative process with beautiful outcomes.
Charlie makes my work with clients fun, and successful, for everyone involved.

— Leslie Campbell, Habitat Landscape Design